Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween

I want to attempt making and swapping costume pieces this year, and I might actually pull it off since I'm starting in August! I want to be a dark/gothic/awesome Red Riding Hood. So think dark red and black, tattered, and kinda punk-ish.

I found a tutu tutorial (I just love saying that) online, here: (it's for kids, but was easy to transfer to my adult size). I made mine with black and white tulle, I was hoping to add some red but did not find any at my local craft store... but that's ok, cause I have an idea you will see in a minute.

I couldn't get a decent pic of myself wearing it, but here you can get the idea of the fabulous poofyness as it hides my toes when photographed from above:

And a slightly more forward facing shot:
And modeled by my lovely chair:

I love how poofy it is!

But since this is for a Red Riding Hood costume I think it needs some red, so I found some shiny Christmas ribbon to add, but I can't decide how to add it.

I could tie strips on to look something like this:

Or I could add a simple bow:

I think I'm leaning towards the bow idea, but I might wait until I have the rest of my costume put together ;)

I received these fun wrist cuffs in a swap the other day that will be joining my costume:

Now all I need is a dress (or something), a cape, and a basket of goodies!

I'm also very tempted to buy more tulle in different colors to make myself an other tutu, do you think it would be a crime against fashion for an adult to wear a poofy tutu in her day to day life? They are just too awesome, why should toddlers have all the fun?